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Baby Hearts Press is an independent publishing company that has been providing books and resources for the congenital heart defect (CHD) community since 1997. Owner and founder, Anna Jaworski, is the mother of a young adult with the complex congenital heart defect known as hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS). She is the author of two books, editor of two books, a contributor to a number of books as well as a public speaker and internet talk radio show host of Heart to Heart with Anna.

The Heart of a Mother

Heart of a Mother

Edited by Anna Marie Jaworski

Foreword by Edward L. Bove, M.D.

Perhaps our most famous book is The Heart of a Mother. Why is it so popular? Because the book features many women that the editor, Anna Jaworski, met right here on the Internet! Dive into this incredible collection of stories by over 60 inspirational women who have dealt with CHDs and shared their amazing stories with us.

This book is a must read for anyone involved with families living with CHDs. Discover how women feel from the point of discovery of the CHD, through the surgeries often needed, to how they find and give support to others and their family and on to their hopes for the future. Have you ever wondered how a girl born with a CHD feels about having a child of her own? If children with CHDs can lead a normal life? How having a child with a CHD will change your life? Wonder no longer. This book answers those questions and more.


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Baby Hearts Press is on a mission to distribute 1000 copies of The Heart of a Mother to doctors' offices, parent resource libraries, medical and public libraries and other places where parents might find this book helpful. If you would like to help BHP with this mission, you can help by purchasing a copy of the book at a special cost. Click here to read more about this program and to see where copies of the book have been sent.

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